Innovative Achievements

Shepherd Chemical Celebrates 100 Years of Incredible Service and Innovation

Shepherd Chemical exists to improve people’s lives, and while that is normally achieved through our innovations and products, positively impacting our communities also plays a major role. Last summer, Shepherd Chemical celebrated 100 years of incredible service and innovation! Mary Doyle, Shepherd’s Research and Development Chemist, arranged a variety of activities for the celebration. As part of an established and on-going relationship with Norwood Schools, she invited Chemistry teacher, Leo Geraci, to attend along with some of his students. They volunteered to help and participate in the Shepherd celebration activities.

Recently, our very own team members, Stephanie and Mary, reconnected with the Norwood High School teacher and students that volunteered at the event. Our shared location and value of education in the Norwood community has continued to bring the lives of employees, teachers, and students together.


To recognize the community connection and the volunteer efforts of the students, our team delivered Shepherd Chemical 100-year anniversary fleece jackets to Chemistry teacher, Leo Geraci, along with the four students that volunteered at the event. We also fulfilled a “wish list” of chemistry supplies, including glass ware and lab materials in effort to bolster the Chemistry program and its students. It was within this exchange of materials and conversation that we actualized Shepherd’s mission to create value and brighten lives. We took some photos along the way to capture the community connection at work.


We only ever hope to continue to have meaningful interactions with and lift the community that houses our company. If you’d like to be a part of this or any other opportunity to participate in community, please be in touch.