Partner Spotlights

Celebrating Over a Decade of Innovation with Quimidroga: A Shepherd Partnership

In the world of chemical distribution and supply chain solutions, certain partnerships stand out for their depth, commitment, and the mutual value they bring to the industry. One such relationship is between Shepherd and Quimidroga, a leading distributor in the chemical industry. This partnership, rooted in over a decade of collaboration and officially cemented with an exclusive distributorship agreement in 2020, epitomizes the synergy between two industry leaders.

A Decade of Growing Together

Our journey with Quimidroga began in 2010, initially focusing on the procurement of BICATs from Mirecourt. The relationship has since evolved into an exclusive distributorship that officially took effect on January 1st, 2020. This partnership is not just about the supply and distribution of products; it’s a testament to shared values and a mutual commitment to excellence, quality, and sustainability.

The Nature of Our Collaboration

At the heart of our partnership is the distribution of BICATs, a product line that signifies Shepherd’s commitment to sustainable chemical solutions. Quimidroga’s role is more than just distribution; they are integral to the supply chain, offering services that include storage, packaging, mixing, and dissolution activities, all while upholding the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental respect. Their state-of-the-art Logistic Complex in Barcelona is a cornerstone of this operation, ensuring efficient and effective logistics for both packaged and bulk chemicals.

Quimidroga’s expansive product range, particularly in the polyurethanes market, and their robust customer base, make them an ideal partner. Their strategic location and advanced facilities enable us to provide outstanding service to polyurethane customers, adapting to varied needs such as packaging sizes and lead times, ensuring our business not only remains strong but continues to grow.

A Focus on Sustainability and Innovation

Our collaboration is particularly focused on polyurethane catalysis, where Shepherd’s products are used as sustainable alternatives to traditional catalysts, notably replacing tin-based catalysts. This shift not only represents an advancement in chemical technology but also underscores our shared commitment to environmental responsibility.

A Partnership Built on Pride and Promise

What fills us with pride in this partnership is more than just business growth; it’s about the value we bring to our customers by being responsive and adaptable to their unique requirements. The future looks bright for this collaboration, with plans to expand our business to new territories and applications, always with an eye towards promoting BICATs as a sustainable alternative in the industry.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, we are excited about the prospects of expanding our business, exploring new territories, and delving into additional polyurethane applications. Our commitment to promoting sustainable alternatives remains unwavering, and we are enthusiastic about the potential growth and innovation that lie ahead.

Our partnership with Quimidroga is more than just a business arrangement; it’s a collaboration built on trust, shared values, and a joint vision for a sustainable future. We are proud to spotlight Quimidroga as a key distributor and look forward to continuing this journey together, setting new benchmarks in the chemical distribution industry.

For more information about Quimidroga and their offerings, please visit their website.