Partner Spotlights

Distributor Spotlight: Shepherd’s Exclusive Partnership with Everchem

As a leading global metal chemistry manufacturer, Shepherd relies on key partnerships to help boost product awareness and distribution. Everchem is one such partner, deserving not only recognition but gratitude for its commitment to distributing Shepherd’s BiCAT polyurethane catalyst product line to customers in need of catalysts for polyurethanes, spray foam, coatings and more.

Everchem is an exclusive distribution partner for Shepherd’s BiCAT® polyurethane catalyst product line in United States and Canada. The partnership provides downstream customers with access to the broad range of BiCAT® products, an array of packaging options, closer-to-market customer service, and an unmatched level of expertise within the polyurethane market that only Everchem provides.

At its core, Everchem is a sales, marketing, and technology driven company that operates within the North American marketplace. Its core markets served include urethanes, epoxy, UV curing, and industrial chemical raw materials. Everchem prides itself on providing invaluable market intel and superior service which creates mutual benefit and value to customers and suppliers alike. The company’s lean business model and strong supplier relationships increase its responsiveness to customer needs with lower costs and less bureaucracy than many larger organizations can offer.


The Future of BiCAT Polyurethane Catalysts is Bright

Shepherd is considered a market leader when it comes to current and next-generation polyurethane catalysts. It was the first to develop hydrolytically stable bismuth carboxylate chemistry for use in HFO blowing agents, which reduces VOC’s and improves curing rates amongst other enhancements. This technological breakthrough earned Shepherd the 2016 CPI (The Center for The Polyurethanes Industry) Polyurethane Innovation Award.

Shepherd has experienced healthy growth in the sales of its BiCAT® product line through Everchem since our partnership was announced in September 2019. Through this arrangement, BiCAT® products are finding new markets, new customers, and new applications which only enhance the historically strong Shepherd brand.


Our Shared Philosophy

The mutually shared philosophy upon which Everchem and Shepherd respectively and collectively do business is a strategic difference maker when it comes to serving customers. We work together on a platform of transparency, which has yielded fantastic results for both companies since the inception of the partnership.

Everchem a wonderful steward of the Shepherd brand and our confidence in their capability and reliability is second to none. The future only provides additional opportunity for further strengthening of this relationship between the two companies.

If you’re in the market for BiCAT polyurethane catalysts, we’d love to work with you. Please contact us online or by calling 513-731-1110.