Upcoming Events

Shepherd Chemical’s Conference Schedule: Where Chemistry Meets Collaboration and Innovation

In the upcoming months, Shepherd Chemical is set to engage in a series of industry events and conferences. These gatherings are essential for fostering collaboration, enhancing knowledge, and propelling the chemical industry towards new heights. Below is a schedule of our upcoming events:

Tire Technology Expo 2024

Hannover, Germany
March 18 – 20, 2024

The Tire Technology Expo stands as the premier showcase for the latest trends and technologies in tire manufacturing. Shepherd Chemical’s attendance underscores our commitment to advancing materials that enhance tire performance and sustainability. Attendees will benefit from unparalleled access to the latest research, development insights, and networking opportunities with industry leaders.

Lubricant Expo North America 2024

Detroit, MI
March 19 – 21, 2024

As the largest event dedicated to the lubricants industry in North America, the Lubricant Expo is where the latest in lubrication technology is on full display. For Shepherd Chemical, it’s an opportunity to highlight our innovative additives that improve the efficiency, longevity, and environmental footprint of lubricants. This event is a must-attend for anyone looking to stay ahead in the evolving world of lubrication technology.

2024 AIChE + CCPS Spring Meeting

New Orleans, LA
March 24 – 28, 2024

The AIChE + CCPS Spring Meeting is a congregation of the brightest minds in chemical engineering and process safety. Shepherd Chemical will participate in discussions on the latest safety practices, process improvements, and sustainability initiatives. This meeting is an invaluable resource for professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and apply cutting-edge practices in their operations.

UTECH Europe 2024

Masstricht, The Netherlands
April 22 – 24, 2024

UTECH Europe is a leading event for the global polyurethanes industry, showcasing the latest products, technologies, and trends. Shepherd Chemical’s participation highlights our role in advancing polyurethane chemistry for various applications. The event offers extensive networking opportunities, workshops, and seminars that are beneficial for anyone involved in the polyurethanes sector.

AFPM International Petrochemical Conference

San Antonio, TX
April 25 – 27, 2024 

The AFPM International Petrochemical Conference is a key event for the petrochemical industry, providing insights into market trends, policy regulation, and technological advancements. Shepherd Chemical looks forward to discussing how our chemical solutions can address the industry’s challenges and opportunities. This conference is an excellent platform for networking with global industry leaders and experts.

STLE 2024 Annual Meeting

Minneapolis, MN
May 19-23, 2024

The STLE Annual Meeting is the foremost event for professionals in the tribology and lubrication engineering sector. Shepherd Chemical will showcase our latest research and developments in additives that enhance the performance of lubricants and reduce wear and tear on machinery. The meeting’s technical sessions, educational courses, and networking events make it an invaluable experience for attendees.

AFEV Pac Meeting

Richmond, VA
June 3 – 6, 2024

The AFEV Pac Meeting is an essential gathering for professionals in the additives for lubricants and fuels industry. Shepherd Chemical’s attendance emphasizes our dedication to developing additives that improve the performance, efficiency, and cleanliness of fuels and lubricants. The meeting provides a platform for sharing knowledge, discussing industry trends, and exploring collaborative opportunities.

AIChE Process Development Symposium

Chicago, IL
June 4-6, 2024

Lastly, the AIChE Process Development Symposium is an intimate forum for chemical engineers focused on process development, scale-up, and tech transfer. Shepherd Chemical is excited to contribute to discussions on optimizing processes for efficiency, safety, and environmental compliance. This symposium is a great opportunity for professionals to gain insights into best practices and innovative solutions in process development.

As Shepherd Chemical prepares to participate in these events, we invite industry professionals, collaborators, and enthusiasts to join us in exploring the future of chemical technology and innovation. These conferences are not just about showcasing what we have achieved; they’re about working together to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow. We look forward to meeting you there and fostering partnerships that drive our industry forward.