Innovative Achievements

Shepherd Chemical Honored with Award for Excellence by the Ohio Chemistry Technology Council

Shepherd Chemical recently received the prestigious 2024 Award for Excellence in environmental, health, safety, and security from the Ohio Chemistry Technology Council (OCTC). The honor was presented during the OCTC’s annual Awards for Excellence ceremony on April 22, 2024.

The award celebrates Shepherd Chemical’s innovative approach to a critical safety challenge in their Cincinnati operations. The project, spearheaded by a dedicated team including Anthony Moschetti, Eric Moser, Jordyn Strange, Andy Hanson, Kevin Klingenbeck, Mark Inabnitt, J&F, Mike Gray, and Tony Mick, focused on a chemical process that generated an explosive gas by-product, which often exceeded safe operating limits. By converting the process from batch to semi-batch, the team effectively controlled gas concentrations and enhanced safety protocols, enabling a safer working environment and operational shutdowns when necessary.

Ryan Ford, a Process Safety Engineer representing Shepherd Chemical at the awards, expressed pride and gratitude for the team’s effort and dedication. “This project is a testament to the hard work and ingenuity of our entire team,” said Ford. “We are thrilled to be recognized by the OCTC for our commitment to safety and environmental stewardship.”

The OCTC’s 35th Annual Conference, which hosted the awards presentation, highlights the significant contributions of the chemical technology industry to Ohio’s economy and safety standards. With more than 40,000 direct employees and a contribution of over $31 billion to the state’s economic activity, the industry’s impact is both profound and essential.

The awards night was a showcase of industry excellence, with twenty manufacturing sites across Ohio being honored for their outstanding performances. Among the recipients, McGean’s Cleveland facility received the highest honor, the Eagle Award, for its exemplary safety enhancements in chemical handling and processing.

As the leading advocate for Ohio’s chemical technology industry, the OCTC continues to champion the advancements and achievements of its members. Shepherd Chemical’s recognition at this year’s awards not only underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to excellence but also sets a benchmark for other companies in the industry.

Stay tuned for further insights into how Shepherd is creating value and brightening lives through metal chemistry!