Community Impact

Shepherd Attends Specialty & Custom Chemicals America Show

The Shepherd Chemical Company was proud to be among fellow industry leaders at the Specialty & Custom Chemicals America show in Fort Worth, Texas earlier this month.

The mission of the annual trade show is to create a forum that helps narrow the focus for potential customers and renews the value for chemical industry participants.

A Handshake Approach to Doing Business

In an age where technology runs the world, it’s important for Shepherd to have the opportunity to meet with potential customers in a face-to-face setting. This show provided the ideal opportunity to reinforce our business principles, capabilities and services to potential customers, while also giving us the opportunity to learn from our peers.

By meeting with potential customers and peers at the show, we were able to better spread the word about the innovative metal chemistries we are using to help create value and brighten lives. We always find great satisfaction in meeting with customers in-person.

Learning From Fellow Industry Leaders

Our entire staff is proud to work in an industry of innovators. We were humbled to attend a show that gave us an opportunity to interact with other suppliers and manufacturers within the industry.

It was advantageous that this Fort Worth show gave us a forum to meet new customers, as well as potential suppliers, and partners. Some of the exhibitors represented at the Specialty & Custom Chemicals America Show included:

    • Basic chemical manufacturers
    • Custom chemical manufacturers
    • Equipment, labeling and packaging manufacturers and suppliers


Exhibitors were allowed to showcase their business in meeting rooms, utilizing 20 minutes to share their unique differentiators. 52 exhibitors presented, giving our Shepherd Chemical team the chance to gain valuable knowledge about innovations happening within the industry and to start strategizing ways to stay competitive.

We use trade shows as a valuable learning tool for our staff and as inspiration to keep pushing the boundaries of what we do in the metal chemistries industry.