Innovative Achievements

Shepherd Chemical’s Bismuth Polyurethane Catalysts Make National News

Upon hearing the news that The Shepherd Chemical Company’s new bismuth catalysts won the 2016 Polyurethane Innovation Award, several newspapers and industry publications across the nation published articles on the potential impacts of our new and innovative catalysts. BiCAT 8840 and BiCAT 8842 will provide the polyurethane industry with a high-performing, non-toxic green amine replacement catalyst for HFO-based polyurethane formulations. This means that new, energy efficient HFO polyurethane resins for slabstock foam and spray foam products will not only save revolutionary amounts of CO2, but that they will do so without adding toxic metals into landfills. Our new bismuth catalysts are helping the polyurethane industry create the greenest, most energy-efficient foam products available on the market today.

Over 219 industry magazines and news organizations reported on our polyurethane catalysts!

  Shepherd Chemical Wins 2016 Polyurethane Innovation Award