Shepherd Secures BiCAT® Patent, First in 100+ Year History

On September 17, 2019, the first patent in the 100+ year history of The Shepherd Chemical Company was officially published! BiCAT® 8840 and BiCAT® 8842 are the first examples of hydrolytically stable bismuth carboxylates that are effective as catalysts for spray polyurethane foams.

Garnering the 2016 CPI (The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry) Polyurethane Innovation Award, Shepherd’s newly patented catalysts will help lower the overall toxicity of formulations by reducing the amount of reactive amine and/or organotin co-catalysts. Additionally, the use of Shepherd catalysts in new spray polyurethane foam formulations will allow developers to meet upcoming regulatory mandates through the use HFO blowing agents.

We thank the dedicated team members at Shepherd responsible for creating value and brightening lives, both for our customers and the community. We appreciate you and are so proud of your work!

To learn more about Shepherd’s BiCAT® products and why they are a safer alternative to more toxic lead and mercury compounds, visit us here: